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The Great Thing About being a blogger

May 25, 2008

I've been working as a blogger for more than a couple years now.  Its not all I do, but it is my bread and butter.

That said, its not really about the money.  Just because blogging pays my bills, doesn't mean that I don't get a lot more out of it than that.

As a blogger, I get to work my own hours, live where I want to live, travel where I want to travel too, and have a good time when I get there.

Working as a blogger is kind of like working as a professional student.  I make a living learning about things, and sharing my wisdom on what I learn.  Sometimes, it means that I just goof off too!


Somewhere along the way in working as a blogger, I realized that there is a weird need for bloggers.  Now, personally, I do not enjoy blogs that basically regurgitate the news, or even pretend to be reporters.  I'm not knocking them, it just does nothing for me.

I do enjoy blogs that are entertaining, create entertainment, are funny, written well, are rich with media, video and audio and help me find or learn interesting things.

I think that is where the sweet spot is for bloggers and that's where I like to try and be myself.  Its a journey and not something that I can repeat every day, but its fun to try.

Plus, I like to help show other people how to do this type of thing too!  I do believe that there are not enough bloggers.

I think we need at least a million people evolving their skills to become the content creators to eventually replace and upgrade the world of entertainment that we know today.  Some of them will become stars, or musicians or comedians or idols, and some will just be notorious gurus that help people.

Regardless we need lots of them to help connect people around the world and help everyone get ahead together.  That's the reason why I'm a blogger and why I help other people become bloggers too!

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Great comment Brett. I also don't have to commute. Well a little. I have to go from my bedroom to my kitchen chair, with little to no traffic. lol

Kim said...
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