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The Final, Final, Final Super Tuesday

May 6, 2008

Good Morning everyone!

Today is the final, final, final, maybe the last or probable last Super Tuesday. The last time voters will get to play a major role in the Democratic Primary.

After today, there will not be as many delegates left for candidates to claim from voters. Instead the candidates will start the real campaign for the truly important people in this election process, the Super Delegates.

These Uber Delegates are not like you and I. Most of them were born on Krypton a distant planet, far far far away that destroyed itself with war and global change that left most of the planet a barren ice planet before it ultimately blew up sending escape pods and meteorites to Earth dozens of years ago where the proud and few rich and fortunate survivors would work to take control of the Democratic Party of what was once the most Democratic Countries on the planet, the United States of America.

hmmmmmm, he wait a minute. I think my editor is playing with my type. Our Democratic Party can't be controlled by Kryptonites. We just have a bunch of blow hard flunkies that think they know better than your average person in the 'People's Party' established by Andrew Jackson when he wanted to run for President, but didn't want to play by the political rules of the day.

I suppose if people don't like what happens today in Indiana and my new home state of North Carolina, they will just have to do what Andrew Jackson did, and get up off their lazy butts and form a new party and get someone worth to bits elected to the White House!

So anyway, I'm going to be out covering the election process here in North Carolina. I'm even going to vote and with my single vote work to do just what I did in Palm Beach County in 2000, when I then lived in the Old Age Senile Capitol of the World - Boca Raton, named after the big rats that live there.

That's right, I was one of the few, the proud and the brave that helped screw up the 2000 election and I'm back. This time I'm in North Carolina and I'm hoping to work my voodoo that I doo here too.

I'm going to vote for someone, and this time, I might even know who I voted for after I do it! This time, (if my voting machine isn't hacked by one of those famous North Carolina hacker crackers, the code crackers not that other type . . .) my vote might just be important enough to put someone on the final approach to 1600 Pennsylvania Street.

Or then again, I might just choose to sew a little discord and place my vote on the person that is most likely to help get Americans off their tukus (how do you spell tukus?) and finally get around to creating a new and hopefully useful political party to break this oligopoly of a two party system that is running our country into the ground.

Hopefully turnout will be high. I'm actually a bit concerned about that since, its a brisk 65 degrees here and a slight swirling steam coming off the lake.

I'll keep you posted . . .

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