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Will Barack Make an Ass Out of U & Me?

May 20, 2008

If you listen to this argument from Hillary Clinton this week, she makes a very good point. The math is currently in favor of Barack Obama to win the primary, but the math is in her favor to win the thing that actually puts people in the White House, Electoral Votes.

She's won in states where the electoral votes are high enough to put someone in the White House bringing in what would be over 310 electoral votes.

(It takes 270 electoral votes to become president.)

Obama has won in states that would only yield electoral votes in the low 200's.

Now the argument can and is regularly made that Democrats that voted for Hillary will vote for Obama. That may be true, but there are more Independents and former Republicans (not counting the Limbaugh Loonies) that voted for Hillary and will be on the fence again if she is not the nominee. McCain can potentially take those people that are more centrist but voted in the Democratic Primary for Hillary, who has always been centrist herself. (As much as McCain has been painted a clone of GW, he has always been considered and acted like more of a centrist himself, and only moving more right over the last few years.)

From another perspective Hillary has accumulated over 16 million votes. Those are 16 million people around the country, in large states and in swing states that voted for her over Barack Obama and the other Democratic candidates.

I ask you, "What type of moron running for President would not do everything in their power to bring such a person onto their team?"

Could Barack Obama actually be dumb enough not to choose Hillary as his VP? I understand that he represents 'change' (because he says so, even though he has not yet changed anything other than changing his address with a questionable real estate transaction), and that Hillary is a blast from the past with her ties to the White House in the 90's.

But we are talking about 16 million voters. Is Barack Obama going to assume that he will pick up 16 million votes?

Will he try to run for the White House gambling on 16 million votes? We all know what happens when you assume something, we all also know what happens when Democrats gamble for the White House (Al Gore), is there any way that Obama could demonstrate ineptitude any better than by failing to pick the one person that could deliver him to the White House?

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