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Fly Like a Beagle Hits the Top 10

May 29, 2008

Fly Like a Beagle has already hit the Top 10!

Parody Press Release

Blue the Beagle has raced up the charts and is now gunning for Snoopy's slot in the Fly Like a Beagle Parody featuring the Peanuts cartoon character and beagle, snoopy, as he fights the Red Baron with his flying dog house.

Blue recently featured flying with her ear-wings on a boat in North Carolina, inspired the parody re-write of Fly Like a Beagle, written by Brett Bumeter and performed by the legendary Rich Palmer. Both Brett and Rich hale from Utterz fame after that start up company rapidly raced from a small company out of Boston to take on and surpass MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube in the middle of 2009 helping social networking and video sharing among people around the world to skyrocket in to the stratosphere.

Listen to Rich Palmer performing Fly Like a Beagle…Ng/utt.php

Read the lyrics…OA/utt.php

See the Picture that Started it All…Mg/utt.php

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