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Getting Started Today Writing and Rebooting

May 12, 2008

Good morning everyone this morning I am getting ramped up for a busy week and I have quite a bit to do right now I'm getting breakfast ready.

My breakfast this morning consists of three waffles with syrup and margarine. I haven't had that for breakfast in a while but just had a desire to eat waffles today. I'm preparing for a busy day. I wanted to have kind of a full stomach so that's the purpose behind that. I do plan on getting some exercise later today probably a run of 2 to 3 miles this evening as my son goes to karate class.

In the meantime, I'm going to be working on a large number of blog articles today. Today is a blogging day for me. Probably gonna be a slightly heavy one so I'm going to use voice recognition. My goal is to plow through my workload of articles, that I need to write.

Then I will also be working on some website work. Probably be later this evening after my family and kids go to sleep. I need to reboot my own website. I designed the current version of my website -- almost 2 years ago and as my website grew the design did not update with the growth and it feels pretty much like its out of control at this point.

Nothing in it works terribly well anymore. It's grown beyond its usefulness and so I need to reset and start over. I have to go through some of the pages and weed out the things that are no longer useful and reorganize the ones that are to help emphasize them. Then I need to add a few items that aren't there at all.

I've actually been working on some additions to my website is I have been working on some additions to my website over the last few months but I'm hoping to start incorporating those changes into the actual site soon. Right now, they are not there yet. They are all all off-line which is not something I normally do. Normally, I publish almost everything right away.

I have been working to develop a number of tutorials and guides and training sessions for people that are looking to become pro-bloggers. I say pro-bloggers in the sense that someone able to earn a good living from blogging.

On a personal level I look at it as a job that allows me to do whatever I want, whenever I want to do it and live by the means that I've become accustomed to. So it's a beautiful job and definitely suits me very well. Anyway, I'm just pouring some syrup over my waffles and getting ready to dig in, and then after that it's off to work. So I hope you're having fun and enjoying whatever it is you're doing today and if you're not you know theres no time like the present to start doing what you love so have fun!

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