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Friday Blogging from the Cayak

May 2, 2008

I just finished up recording a podcast while I was out on Lake Wylie. Despite the picture, my dog Blue, the beagle, did not ride shot gun on the cayak. She just wanted to test the waters so to speak when I got back trying to understand why I'd head out onto the open waters in an oversized recycled milk jug of a cayak.

The wind levels aren't too bad, but I am eagerly awaiting a small external microphone with a windscreen for these events. In this episode, I talk about my goals in trying to help other people quit fooling around with their miserable day jobs (if your day job is not miserable then I'm not trying to help you. Don't want to fix something that is not broken).

All summer, I am going to be working my plans up to the point where I can better help people do what they love and earn a good living from it.

For me, this means that I basically get to do what I like and choose to do what I want to do. Having that much choice in your life is not an easy thing to master, but it does grow on you and when you wield the power of choosing your own destiny well, there's nothing better!

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