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Cool Use of Utterz: Sol Young's 10-Mile Run

May 5, 2008

I just finished running two or three miles while my son was at karate class. I then sat down in a lawn chair behind my van in the parking lot, cranked up my laptop and air card, logged in and read this article about Sol, running and Uttering.

Definitely found it ironic and kind of cool. I think I might pick up one of those four hour clip on video cameras, about the size of a fat nano, that clips on your shirt and records things while you are doing them.

Might be fun for running, hiking, cayaking and who knows what else.

I can envision a day, when we might even stream video into our sun glasses, and we could have a virtual Utterz marathon. Each of us running wherever it is that we run, but all together and mixing video feeds together or something.

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