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Mac = Gay? I Don't Think So.

May 23, 2008

There used to be deprogramming training camps back in the 90's where people could go to get deprogrammed off of Macs. This was back when Jobs had left the company and that At&t guy had taken over and the place pretty much couldn't create a good product to save it's life.

So a number of fundamentalist evangelists started offering training sessions to teach people how to use PC's.

These days, that training has pretty much been condensed into a sales pitch by a teenager at Best Buy and sometimes reinforced with a Video Doctor DVD or two.

I don't think its biological. In all unfairness, there is no way that Apple would want to enter a market like biology where everything is open source. They like closed systems that can be controlled with an invisible Jobsian hand(sound track attached). :)

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