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Tickets, Tickets, Tickets and Rip Offs

May 1, 2008

I've never been much of a concert person. If a concert was happening at a club, or I managed to get free tickets, or get backstage or know someone that was playing somewhere, I'd go.

Otherwise, it was pretty rare when I went to concerts. I just don't like the confinement of sitting/standing in rows listening to music.

Open air affairs aren't bad, and clubs with room to dance while a band is playing is cool, but sitting in chairs (especially the fold down variety just never did much for me.

So anyway, my experience at getting tickets these days through normal and approved channels is almost non-existent. So this evening I was trying to get tickets to The Cure when they make a local appearance sometime in June here in the Charlotte area. I've never seen The Cure in concert, but would like to see them someday before Robert Smith starts looking like an Einstein poster.

So as I'm looking for tickets, I of course run across the sites that are likely selling quasi scalped tickets and the prices just looked absolutely ridiculous. (Not to mention the convenience fee)

I'm vaguely starting to remember why I never hit too many concerts in the first place. I'm not exactly cheap (yes I am), but the entire experience of buying tickets just feels like a complete rip off.

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