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Beach Breezes blowing through Beach Villas

Jun 8, 2007

Anyone that follows my blog knows that I tend to take a break and fantasize about my past Hawaii vacation from several years back. It was a great vacation. As I've mentioned before the memory that sticks out the most about the vacation probably, was sleeping and a beach house recovering from jet lag while the Pacific breezes blew into a sliding glass door across my bed. As I recall I wasn't covered up I was probably just wearing shorts and just laying there enjoying the breeze while I slept off jet lag.

Maui Cliffs That was one of the most relaxed and ng sleeps (is that a noun?) that I've ever had.
I didn't know it at the time, but I was experiencing what would later become a new trend. Maybe to put it better it's a trend reinvented. People are not staying in hotels as much as they used to and are starting to opt for beach villas or beach houses. That's what I did and it proved to be a great experience. The house was literally right on the beach. We walked out the front door to go to the store get groceries we walked out the back door to go the Pacific Ocean and play in the water.

I'm from the Midwest and it's difficult to conceive of living on the ocean. But I can definitely enjoy a vacation in a beach front rental with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and South seas sunsets (technically it's not the South seas, but like I said I'm from the Midwest).

Next time I visit Hawaii I'm going to do the same thing, and I'm starting to pick out the place where I'm going to say next. Been reviewing some of the scenery on Maui waiting and I think I'm going to shoot for reserving a Wailea beachfront condo. To someone from the Midwest that might sound like a song out of Lion King, but when I look at these pictures and writing back to my memories of my past trip to Hawaii, I can into it that it really means paradise.

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