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Universal Studios Tickets on the Cheap

Jun 10, 2007

Now that I'm past my writer's block I would like to share something personal about myself with you.

I'm cheap.

I said it that makes me feel a lot better.  :-)

When I go on vacation I don't like to spend a lot of money on things, I do like to have a good time and I don't like to worry about stuff.  I like to vacation in place where I can be carefree and not have to worry about money.

There are some places where this is difficult.  If you travel to Orlando, Florida, there are some great places to go and some great things to do, but they all cost money.  Now I'm not against having a good time and spending money to have a good time, but I prefer to take care of that up front so that when I get there I just can have fun.

Our sponsor, provides Cheap Universal Studios Tickets.  There are three great things about this type of service. 

  1. The tickets are cheap.
  2. Once you pay for the tickets you don't have to worry about the price anymore, so you can just have fun.
  3. If you do think about the tickets, referred to Number .1

They recently provided a press release about their services and the money that you can save if you visit Orlando, Florida.  They can help you with any of the major theme parks from Universal Studios, to Disney to Sea World, you go to dinner shows or Busch Gardens and even the Blizzard Beach Water Park. 

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