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Cool Business Cards

Jun 2, 2007

I am due to have a new run of business cards printed up.  I'm not terribly great at developing cool business cards.  I do come up with some good ideas for them, but my Photoshop skills are deplorable and my execution never lives up to my conceptualization.

Regardless in the business world it is often important to have a business card that sticks out.  Now if you are running a company, you need cards that stick out for you and for the employees.  The card is something that helps brand your company and for your employees, you want them to stand out so they will get the time and attention they either deserve or that they need for your company to become, and stay successful.

I spent a good deal of time on graphic art for my most recent business venture at the LinkyLoveArmy and now as I am preparing to start ordering our first batches of cards, I'm not as worried about how difficult the cards will be.  The logo will help carry the day this time around.

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