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US Gold Coins

Jun 1, 2007

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Our sponsor of the Monex Deposit Company or MDC provides people with artistically rendered and cast us gold coins.  These coins are not created by the US Government mints, but by Monex's mints in the US.

They cast limited numbers of gold coins for people looking to collect precious metals.  Its kind of like collecting die cast cars, or plates or spoons or shot glasses.

The difference is that these are cast in gold as opposed to porcelain, glass or peuter.

These types of purchases should be looked at like collectibles in my opinion as opposed to investing in commodities like gold through the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT).  But some day down the road, if you buy these you will have some gold.  If the world goes down the tubes, you may not be able to sell that to a collector but you can melt it down and sell it for the value of gold at that time.

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