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Trapsing around the Internet in Fiction

Jun 30, 2007

This week I have been having more fun than I have had in a while writing some fun fiction stuff.

I go through periods where stories come to me and then I go through periods where there's nothing.

A couple weeks back the flood gates opened up with a ludicrous story (that I haven't developed much for obvious reasons) see Plight of the Orgasm Gnomes (cartoon concept more than a story concept).

Now sure that's a bit of a non-starter.  I'm not arguing that it isn't.  I'm not arguing at all.

But it did warm up that side of my non-analytical brain.

From there I moved into a fun story kicked off by a PPP op.

So now I have two installments written on this one and its actually starting off pretty good.

MindMapping Got Me Fired from the CIA

and the 2nd installment

MindMapping Got Me Fired from the CIA 2

Then tonight I was surfing through BlogExplosion and I found inspiration again.

This time I came across a funny little post from  She wrote a funny little piece that included a funny visual about streaming search phrases running on the walls in Google.  She made a crack about a search term 'Giant Horse Vagina', and how she sometimes had the idle day dream that she might see that term floating down the wall.

Well for no good reasons, I found that little visualization in her words inspirational and I was off to the races with a protest idea (for anyone that wants to protest Google and put their CEO out of a job.  I don't really have anything against Google, but don't enjoy the people that gush over them.  They are a multinational monopoly and that last part is not a good thing in my book).

So anyway that inspired

Protesting Google with the Giant Horse Vagina Search Strategy

I'm not sure where I'm going with that one, but I think I might work it into the CIA story, might provide some nice comic relief.  Anyway I need to ride this wave while it lasts before I leep back into the analytical world of the other side of my brain.

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Harry, it's so cool that my post inspired some fiction because I'm a writer at heart. The blogging is just something I do to keep up with the times. Best of luck with your story.


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