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Chief of Online Coupons

Jun 23, 2007

I used to always have problems finding the right online coupons. I would shop online for something, usually a book or electroni device or a software program, and I'd get to the check out screen and then I almost get a slap in the face when they ask if I am "smart enough" to have a coupon code to get a discount.

Ughh, I'd kick myself for not having one and maybe do a quick Google search that always returned something slightly shady and always outdated. Fortunately, online stores do offer some trusted sites with access to good online coupon offers such as Coupon Chief. CouponChief has even recently put together some screencast videos to help walk you through the process on some of the larger online stores that sometimes obscure the area where you can input that code to save a big percentage.

So now when I'm making last minute travel arrangements through Expedia I can save a good chunk of change on the trip when I book. That always makes the flight a little easier and the hotel a little more relaxing.

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