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For those Relatives that Have not Joined the Digital Craze

Jun 7, 2007

These days almost everybody and their brother has a digital camera, possibly two.  When you put on a wedding though you want to make sure that all the favorite moments can be captured in film or at least in a digital file.

Now odds are some of your relatives and possibly some of your friends have missed the digital camera revolution, and so it's very common to go to a wedding and find wedding cameras sitting on each of the tables.  The general idea is that anyone can pick up a camera and snap a shot of a memorable moments.

After the reception is over and the dinner is done someone collects all the cameras and sends them to be developed or converted into digital files so that all those great drunken shots, pictures not the actual shots, can be shared with family and friends for years to come.

Our sponsor offers these wedding cameras and many other items and gifts that can help you put on a good wedding production as they have described in their latest release.

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