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Neighbors Away The Dogs will Play

Jun 15, 2007

So my neighbors have been

out of town for the last few days on vacation.  They're returning tomorrow I think and while they have been gone we've been watching their dogs.

As I mentioned in my last post I think, they have three dogs.  (By the way that last post was written from my Treo, which might explain why it looks so peculiar)

So they've been at the beach and we've been watching their dogs.  I need to get to the beach for so sometime soon, I could really benefit from some time on the beach and some time in the water.

Our sponsor, The Beach Club in Hallandale Beach recently provided a press release describing their new luxurious condominiums within their sky rises on the beach in South Florida.  They offer a very luxury us condominiums, typically European styled with extremely elaborate upgrades.

Their high-rises set on nine acres in between the intercoastal the Atlantic ocean. Based on my experience living in South Florida in the past, your choice of positioning your condominium on the Atlantic side versus the intercoastal side should really depend on whether or not you like to wake up at the crack of dawn or sleep in.

If you like to get up early, sleep on the Atlantic side where the sun will come into your massive windows and wake you up every morning.  If you like to sleep then, get a condo on the intercoastal side and sleep till noon!

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