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Zapped by lightning for sausage dog

Jun 12, 2007

We are watching our neighbor's dogs this week. They have three. One is a little dim and runs away when you call him.

Right now I'm trying to get him to come in the house because a lightning storm is coming.

No Luck with that. So I'm standing inside there house with my beagle trying to lure him to safety.

No luck with that either.

Then I let my beagle run to him. She does come when you call. The yard is fenced so they aren't going to get lost, its more about getting zapped.

So I'm in & they are both outside sniffing around. Finally, it starts to sprinkle and Bleu, my beagle wanders in, but the other dog persists in staying out.

Nothing entices him, food, water, toys, leash.

Now he's just inside door. I want to shut it, but then he will run back out.

Finally, I try and give my dog his food. He comes in a little further I run out the other way through a circle of rooms (living room, den, back to kitchen!) slam door shut & I've got him!

But there's a down poor outside so Bleu & I are going to get drenched walking home.

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