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For Pete's Sakes! More Baby Ducks

Jun 28, 2007

A few years ago my wife and I purchased three Muskogee ducks as a gift for my wife's father.  He took care of the ducks and the ducks prospered.  They had lots of babies, but they don't take care of the baby's very well and baby ducks often were gobbled up and became part of the local ecosystem.  We were originally concerned that the Muskogee ducks with super populate their front yard or something.  That didn't happen.

Unfortunately the result was the same.  The Muskogee ducks apparently told all of the other ducks and geese would a great time they were having hair and how much great food they were getting, and now all sorts of other ducks of every duck typed persuasion shows up for a free meal and a handout literally.

So we've been trying to train the dogs chase the same ducks that we used to train the dogs not chase.  I think the dogs and the ducks think that we are nuts.

Fortunately for the local ecosystem, one of the Muskogee's recently hatched another batch of ducklings.

This is the greatest picture but you get the idea, they're just starting to come out in this one.The kids think a cute as hell may play with them for a couple days, but eventuallya snake or muskrats are raccoons or something like that  gets to have some good old-fashioned duck soup.

I guess it's a good thing because it's a few less ducks  that  the dogs have two learn how to chase, and a few less ducks to spread the good news about good food for ducks here at our place.

Unfortunately with ducks you never know who the father is, one of the original ducks that we brought here,was named Bubba.He's been hanging around the more the last couple of daysMcKenna suspected he might be the father of the ducks that just hatched.

Maybe he's come to check out his handiwork,and maybe he's come to check out as competitionand put in a bad word to the local raccoons.Regardless were probably not going to have to do a DNA test anytime soon to discover if he is the actual paternal duck father, but with ducks it's probably impossible to tell. It knows maybe they even have fraternal twins induct batches, or is it a clutch?

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