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Where do you wake up Best?

Jun 12, 2007

Its very important to pay attention to your sleeping conditions to insure that you get a good restful night of sleep.  We here about the need for a good night of sleep, the type of bed, the temperature, the room, the level of ambient noise, humidity, firmness of matress, number of dogs on the bed in winter, sleeping during the day, how dark or light the room is and on and on.

I find it fairly easy to sleep in many conditions.  I sleep deepest and best in a room as dark as a cave with lots of blankets and a slightly cool temperature that encourages me to huddle under the blankets like I'm in a cocoon. 

The problem with this situation is that I sleep like I'm in a cocoon, like I'm hybernating and not going to emerge until spring.

Well its almost summertime (about 10 more days or so) and its long past time to wake up out of hybernation!

Seriously, these conditions are great for deep sleep, but terrible for me if I need to wake up on time.  If I need to wake up on time, I need to sleep in a room that has lots of natural light coming in.  The room temperature needs to be a little on the warm side (about seventy five degrees).  This discourages me from hiding under the covers to stay warm and encourages me to get up without having to worry about being subconciously cold.

My subconcious is a big cold wimp!

So for example, my bedroom gets very dark.  I sleep great there.  But even in the morning its pretty dark.  I have a propensity to over sleep because it stays dark unless the lights are on.

So if I want to get up early, I sometimes sleep on the couch in the living room.  That room gets flooded with light in the morning and the discomfort of the couch combined with the extra light encourages me to wake up and to get up so that my back won't ache from sleeping on the couch!

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