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Learning how to Use Mailing Lists to Market Online Businesses

Jun 6, 2007

In about two weeks I'm hoping to set up a booth a local job fair in the Charlotte area. I'm hoping to provide people looking for jobs with an additional way to market themselves as well as earn some money while they're doing it.

For anyone that reads this blog you probably know I'm talking about teaching people how to blog.

That's exactly what I'm going to do. The booth only cost $20 which isn't that much, but I do need to be prepared for the resumes and other information I'll receive from people that attend so I can follow up after the fact.

I plan to do a lot of these follow-ups using e-mail but in some regards a probably use snail mail as well. I don't have a lot of experience working with this and fortunately I do have a sponsor that is very experienced in the area.

Our sponsor Martin Worldwide recently provided a press release describing one of their groundbreaking products called ResponseCom. They utilize a blend of consumer databases from the United States. These are multidimensional database is otherwise known as data cubes or data warehouses and they offer an extreme amount of versatility as it enable the company to put together demographics with addresses and other vital statistics from multiple sources of information.

Basically companies have been accumulating information on consumers for many many years but recently cheap OLAP and data queue technologies are making it possible for them to put all that information together and do something extra useful with it. I'm not going to be contributing to the database but I am going to need access to that type of technology if I am to successfully weed through the potential applicants and people that might be interested in the services that I offer as are looking to help make a little extra money working as a contractor.

With that information I will be empowered with enough details to competently invest money running campaigns with Mailing Lists. Many people attempt to send out advertising campaigns through a mailing list utilize a shotgun approach basically sending out literature or paperwork blindly hoping that somebody might notice it or respond to it before they throw it into the circular file. But if you do your homework well enough beforehand and utilize strong database technology you can minimize the number of people that will file your advertising campaign in the trash.

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