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Good Card Stock for Crayon Drawings

Jun 6, 2007

It never fails that when it comes time to write up a resume or print off resumes you never have enough of the right paper.  I always have seven sheets of one type left, 10 sheets of another, three of a third, 15 of a fourth and a few curled copies of some really great stuff that you can't find anymore.

Office supplies are often like that you will always need more; you never have enough. It's very difficult to run yourself out of office supplies exhausting them all the way down, especially if you are attempting to keep everything uniform and looking good. Standards and paper stock and envelopes and labels and everything else changes from time to time or from brand to brand or even from manufacturer to manufacturer.

This makes it very difficult keep your office supplies organized because you are always dealing with odds and ends until eventually, you have got to throw those odds and ends out because you know or finally realize that ou will never used them.

The Crayon Factor

Now if you have kids odds are you can finally use those odds and ends by just giving them scrap paper. Sure they'll be very impressed by the threadcount or the stock of the paper as they use their crayons, colored pencils and markers to draw stick figures, but at least you're getting your use out of your office supplies!

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