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Paris Sprung from the Clink

Jun 7, 2007

And probably comes as no surprise to anyone Paris Hilton was from a clink today.  She served a whopping three days and got credit for five an actual prison.  Now she gets to go home to opulent conditions and live with a bracelet around her legs for 40 more days.

Apparently jail was tough on Paris during those three days and she cried a lot, so they decided to let her go early.

If you can do the crime you have to do the time unless your crybaby, that should be the new motto for the LA County prison system.

Now I'm sure that they were wasting huge amount of money, taxpayer's money to keep Paris Hilton safe and secure so that they wouldn't have some sensational story to screw with the LA County reputation for us it is.  I'm sure it was much more cost-effective to send her home with the ankle bracelet on her on house arrest.

Still it makes for lousy example of how unfair the legal system is in the United States especially in Los Angeles.  Unfortunately for Paris Justice has a way of coming around like a wheel and I suspect that LA County did not actually do her a favor.  Paris probably missed the chance she needed to receive a wake-up call in to probably end up overdosing or performing some other self-destructive act which will bring her life to a premature close.  At that time society will miss an opportunity to reform a very screwed up person.

Now she probably be able to take on a rebel without a clue or cause persona in milk this for all the publicity and money that it's worth, not that she really needs it, but her new publicist is probably already ending up the royalties on this made-for-TV drama.

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