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Jungle of Construction

Jun 24, 2007

We were pretty busy this weekend, but we weren't half as busy as our neighbors were.  They had a garage built this weekend, and the cul de sac was filled with contractor trucks and vans coming and going trying to get this garage up in just couple of days.

The weekend is now over and the garage is almost complete.  The roof of the garage has been paper, but it has not been shingled yet.  They have citing up, but the garage doors have been installed yet.  I'm sure there are a half-dozen Little things as well, but all in all, it looks fantastic.

We definitely did not mind the noise nor the traffic, as our neighbors investment is an investment that will help the whole neighborhood.  We have neighbors behind us, that get a little too touchy about noise issues.  They were probably greeting their teeth all weekend long, but that's their problem I don't understand how much it helps.

Truthfully, they would be better off if they had done something to improve their own house instead of complaining about the noise made by other people that are working to improve their own homes.

One of the things that I think we are going to before we list our own home for sale, is add some sort of fancy house marker, maybe will even install a brick or a stucco framed mailbox.  They seem to be rather popular in Georgia, and they do seem to help curb appeal.

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