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Projector Rentals for Special Events

Jun 30, 2007

Many office workers have learned the benefits and capabilities of projectors over the last few years.  More and more people are learning that projector technology has advanced to the point that it is as strong and bright and clear as many wide screen televisions.

The question becomes, How and where can you apply projector technologies? 

If you have an extra $1k - $10k you could go buy your own projector and have it at your ready disposal for work or play. 

Projectors have multiple purposes, but they are typically utilized for passive communications.  That means that an audience or groups shows up and watches what is presented.  However many new technologies are utilizing these displays to help show an audience a message and through other tools capture their feedback and put the information right back through the projector where they can see their feedback in action.

Alternatively projectors can be used for simple entertainment.  I have sometimes used a projector to display a movie on a wall or a screen or when outside even on a new white bed sheet.

A year ago I was visiting Tybee Island and the local YMCA had a movie night on Saturday night where a projector was used to display a movie on the side of a white concrete wall.

Once you figure out how to apply the technology, you then have to figure out when to apply it.  Now I mentioned that you could buy your own, but you could also rent a projector.  Projector123 has started spreading their services and now offer projector rentals in many more more areas and states, such as Denver projector rental, Colorado Springs projector rental, and even Salt Lake City projector rental.

These options are very useful.  You do not have to worry about maintenance, bulb replacement, travelling with a projector in a plane or getting the latest unit year after year.

All in all its a good way for individuals or even event organizers to utilize a projector for individual or even several days of events without having to spend an arm and a leg.

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