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Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Jun 29, 2007

This is definitely be a summer for Harry Potter.  I've been reading all the Harry Potter books since about the time the first movie came out.  Since then I've become a definite Harry Potter fan.  The books are excellent and if you ignore the books, the movies are pretty good too.

So were kind of running into a double witching hour this summer, as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the movie comes out and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out about a month later at the end of July.

In part of an effort involving hundreds maybe thousands of bloggers by now, were working together to try and promote the sales of the last Harry Potter book.  The proceeds from the sales of the books that we help bring about through Amazon( after its marketing costs are paid) are going to be donated to two different charities.  One of the charities encourages and helps young children to read and the other charity will help to feed children in Africa.

Basically is a group of bloggers were trying to funnel all of the sales of the last Harry Potter book through one website that is tied into  Were hoping to focus and funnel our readers that are interested to go to and pre-order or purchase the last Harry Potter book.

Now in addition the site is running a couple different contests.  Each contest will award $500.  They're hoping to receive comments from readers who will guess that the ending of the book.  The person I gets the most facts correct will win.  Tiebreakers will go to the person that provides those facts written up in story format.

Some of the submissions so far are excellent, you'd think that JK Rowling herself had stopped by to write an extra chapter of the book.  In fact I hope the last book is half as good as some of the submissions been received.  So if you're planning on buying a Harry Potter book please stop by and pre-order a copy today.  If you're a blogger and like to get on the bandwagon drop me a comment or an e-mail get to the details.

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