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The NewsRoom Provides Innovative Method for Blog Publishers to Earn Money with Video Content

Jun 4, 2007

I am a little bit enthralled with a new video news service, The News Room. They provide a way for bloggers and web publishers to earn more money from their websites.

Check out this video about the proposed Harry Potter theme park in Florida

The NewsRoom video can strengthen your website instead of cluttering it with more advertising.  They provide relative news feed videos that you can embed on your website or blog.  Advertising mashed into the news, just like its mashed into the news on CNN for example, is played during the news video.

Bloggers and Publishers can earn anywhere from $1 - $4 CPM (Cost Per thousand unique viewers of the video).  So if you provide one of their mashed videos on your blog or website and its viewed 3400 times and the pay rate is $3 CPM, then you would earn $3 x 3400 / 1000 = $3 x 3.4 = $10.20.

Its easy to embed the videos, you can monetize your blog with good content that has relevant advertising and there are several other benefits as well.

This is a great example of how the web can be used to provide some synergy from one site and source of content to the next!

I definitely intend to incorporate this on several of my less personal and more newsy sites.  From Gridlock on Rye and Gridlock News to Top10Tech and HollwoodMoviesUSA.  Plus, I may also utilize the political news feature on my site

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