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Heading Back to Georgia for a few Days

Jun 7, 2007

Today, we're going to pack up our things and head back to our house in Georgia. My wife has had a number of successful interviews here in Gaston County North Carolina, and were heading back home to work on small projects before we come back.

We need to start packing some more of our household items. Plus we have a number of home improvement projects that we have to keep working on before we can muster home for sale.

Of course there's lots of work for me to do as well, over the last few days I've caught up on most of my writing, and now I need to switch back over into my web development work and get caught up there as well. Over the last couple of weeks we've blogged about 40 hours of driving and we only have three more hours to go before we get to relax at home for a week or two.

I can't wait to sleep in my own bed!

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