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Musical Blogging Chairs

Jun 23, 2007

This weekend I'm playing musical blogging chairs.  I'm moving my laptop and all my gear from place to place throughout my house from the deck to the kitchen to the downstairs to the upstairs to the loss to the library to living room and back again.  My wife Becky and her father are working on our house, they have been laying tile and remodeling one of our bathrooms.  All of these projects were in progress already they're trying to finish some of them up.  We'd started a few of them a few weeks back, and we ran out of time so they're trying to tidy things up.

I feel a little silly because I have to catch up on my blogging, and I'm launching several different campaigns to the LinkyLoveArmy this weekend, one of those campaigns is focused on building a website that will be selling the latest Harry Potter book.   It's titled Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  (Each time I say that title using my voice recognition software from Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I am always surprised when the program gets the were deathly hallows correct but substitutes the word Kerry for Harry.  Go figure?)

Regardless, Ryan Caldwell from performancing purchased a website sometime ago with the domain of he has been designing some great WordPress themes and offering them up on performancing.  One of those themes is a photo blog name which is excellent.

Anyway to make a long story short, he was looking for suggestions on what to do with the domain, and put them to the Performancing community where we put together a plan to involve the entire blogosphere to promote the book through this website.  Were hoping to sell a million books and share part of the proceeds to charity raising $1 million if we sell a million books.

Bloggers will receive a portion of the proceeds split between all the bloggers that participate. (see how to participate at the LinkyLoveArmy, drop me a comment or send me an email).  There is also a contest that will award to prizes of $500 each for the person that writes the most accurate (in facts) version of the ending of the final Harry Potter Book.  There are already some great contributions, which are definitely worth reading.

You can drop your submission in the form of a comment and there is a digg like feature that allows readers to vote on their favorites.

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