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Fun in the Sun

Jun 28, 2007

I had a very good exercise day today.  I got out my rant about 4 1/2 miles maybe five, but it was in pretty hot sun.  As purposely trying to get a worked out in the sun to make sure that I can deal with multiple different weather scenarios.  A bit of a wimp when it comes to running in exercising and I preferred exercise when things are ideal.

This time a year that means I usually trying to run in the evenings when it's cool.  But that's not really doing my system justice nor keeping me completely in shape.  So today I got out and went running around 11 o'clock, Iran until my legs are telling me that they couldn't run anymore, and I turned around and ran back.  It is work for several hours and then later on this afternoon I went out and went swimming.  I'm a Lake and I don't exactly know how far the distances I slam, but there is this no wake buoy (how do you spell booeee?) in the middle of the Cove of the lake that I'm on.  I swam all the way up to that as fast as I could, and then I came back doing a mixed backstroke switching to a breaststroke.  I should mention that my form sucks. I've never had swimming lessons, but a group of the water and swim pretty well.

This evening physically I'm pretty tired, but it was a good day and I feel better for getting exercise.  Truthfully I been more productive today than I have in the last two so that's a good thing also.

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