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Racing to Get Back in the Saddle

Jun 8, 2007

I'm back home!

I got to sleep in my own bed last night after being gone for what seems like two or three weeks. My back has never been happier!

I had a great time visiting family, meeting my new nephew, and doing a dozen other things. I've got lots of new things to share with everyone, for my adventures with genealogy to pictures of my new and future home office and much much more.

After the drive home last night I mostly recuperated and caught up on a few small little things like e-mail and what have you, doing some light cleanup on the house just so that we could fit back in again. This morning I woke up early and I've been going at full speed.

My wife is too. She's done teaching for the year and has the summer off. Lucky her! Seriously short very hard and deserves the time off.

Unfortunately were not get much of a break in her vacation is and I feel like much of a vacation. We have to pack up the house and move. We have to do is getting our house ready to list on the market, and a dozen other things.

Right now she's outrunning several different errands including making some deposits at the bank, taking the girls to the doctor to check on their latest ear infections, swinging by the store for some groceries since our refrigerator is empty and about five other things I've forgotten.

We have to do a ton of things before we move like eating and final doctors appointments and having records transferred to new doctors and a bunch of other stuff. Little things like getting haircuts are teeth cleaned one more time before we move in have to find a new dentist. Maybe even a couple visits to the eye doctor for checkups and I don't know what else, lots more.

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