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Chasing Devil Dog, AGAIN

Jun 15, 2007

I had to go chase Devil Dog again tonight.  Last time I chased devil dog, I referred to devil dog as 'sausage dog'.  Sausage Devil is not a bad dog, he just prefers to remain at a minimum safe distance from all humans, ten feet.

He also likes to tease people.  He continually attempted to tease me with his tennis ball.  The other dogs are easy to deal with as they are very practical lab pooches.

devil sausage dog is not practical, just vindictive.  I chased after him for about 45 minutes with no luck.  Finally, my wife came over to check on things and see if devil sausage had eaten me or something.

I was OK, no worse for the wear.  I had managed to caputre devil sausage's tennis ball and almost captured him when he attempted to get his tennis ball back, but at the last minute he decided that freedom was worth more than a slobbery tennis ball and abandonded his tennis ball and resumed his taunt.

When my wife arrived he continued to run for another 10 minutes, but eventually ran up the stairs of the deck to see who was there and then we were able to corner him on the deck and it was all over.

Now I hold no ill will against devil sausage dog.  I'd sacrifice hundreds of tennis balls for my own freedom.  He is annoying but you can't hold his nature against him.  The only problem is that I have to capture him and get him inside.  He likes to bark non-stop when people are not around for him to taunt.

This gets him into trouble with animal control and increases his risk of premature capital punishment.  SO I have to capture him as part of my dogsitting duty.  They may offer up child life insurance for kids but they don't really offer up dog life insurance and anyway, life insurance doesn't do a dog or a person any good when it comes to evading excessive dog barking capital punishment measures.

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