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More genealogy research and fun tomorrow - no more edible Roach Motels

Jun 2, 2007

Tomorrow I have a long list of things to accomplish.  I want to take my kids hiking in the woods, hills and creeks that I grew up hiking in. 

I might even take my son to the Metamora Court House (my home town) where Abraham Lincoln used to practice law as a travelling attorney.  Then I hope to do some more research at Springdale Cemetary in Peoria, which is one of the oldest cemetaries in the Midwest.  My great grandfather and his father are buried there in a special veterans section, and I believe several of my other relatives may be there as well.

I'm trying to track down the Osler and Speck threads of the family tree.  Oh and in addition to the kids, I plan on spending some time with the dogs who got lonely today and chewed up some Roach motels for fun.

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