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World Series of Poker Skydiving Championship

Jun 16, 2007

It's summertime and many people are starting to take to the outdoors .  When it's beautiful outside many people don't like the cooped up inside.  Plus a lot of people are stuck inside all week long while their work to get home on the weekends they want to enjoy the fun in the sun.

In my strange way of juxtaposing problems, I realize that people also like to play poker during the wintertime.  But you don't hear too much about people playing poker in the summertime.

It struck me that you also don't hear too much about people playing poker outdoors.  It might have a poker game by your campaign or something like that, but typically doesn't happen.  Part of this is due to the wind.

Can you imagine a world series of poker tournament played outside and all of a sudden a nice little bit of wind blows up and blows all the cards of table!

There's essentially two problems here.

The cards and the poker table. 

You can find some beautiful poker tables for your game room, but you won't find too many poker tables for your deck or your fishing dock.

Finding cards that are waterproof and wind resistant are also a problem.  Card needs to be heavy enough so that won't be blown around, yet it needs to be light and flexible enough so it feels like a card, and most importantly so that you can shuffle it or at least put it through a shuffling machine capable of shuffling it.

If scientists could figure that out, you might even see some skydivers playing poker, and that's really what the world needs a world series of poker skydiving championship!

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