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Two Songs running through My Head

Jun 29, 2007

The last few days I have had to songs (good songs) running through my head incessantly.  The first is a song that I heard of all places, on America's got talent.  Its a cover of a Police song Walking on the Moon.

I happened to channel flip through a James Bond marathon the other day and got sucked in as Roger Moore was saving the day and going up against Christopher Walken.

Now I am old enough to have been a Duran Duran fan when they were still new and this song was played completely into the ground on the crappy radio stations of the 1980's. People rave about the great music of the 80's. The thing is the music of the 80's was mostly shit promoted by the record industry. When they had a good song, they either completely buried it and it languished for 2 decades in obscurity and alternative settings, or they played it so often that you felt like President Noriega suffering from psychological warfare.

So anyway, thank god for YouTube. At least there is some place I can go to listen to copyrighted materials to get the songs out of my head and ease my fix without having to spend a dollar at the iTunes store for a song that I probably won't listen to again for another 20 years.

Note at the end of the Duran Duran music video, Grace Jones leaps off the eifel tower. That was real, she really did jump. She was sick to death of hearing that Duran Duran song over played on French radio. They later rebuilt her with horse steroids and came up with the plot for the James Bond movie after the fact. ;)

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