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Homes for Sale in River Bridge, Lawrenceville, Georgia $210,000

Jun 24, 2007

Yesterday, we went for a walk in the neighborhood to view a home that had gone up for sale.  The floor plan of the house is similar to our home and the house sits on a cul de sac like our home also.

We were interested to take a look at it as it has recently been remodeled and we wanted to compare their remodelling effort to our own efforts that are still underway. 

My Kids and wife and father in law grouting our new floor

Link to Homes for Sale in River Bridge, Lawrenceville, Georgia $210,000

Its a good price for the home, part of the reason why we were paying attention.  Most of the homes in our area price out in the $250 - $350 price range.  That's relatively average, possibly a little on the low side for Lawrenceville Georgia Real Estate.

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That's a really nice looking house. What's up with the guy doing the tiling? He just invited you in to watch or what?

Anonymous said...
3:11 PM  

That is my father-in-law. I was busy trying to keep the LinkyLoveArmy running at full speed that week.

Very tough to work online when you want to go participate in the work going on in the house. But I have to do the work online to pay for the materials going into the work in the house.

Unknown said...
1:07 PM  

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