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Spare Sim Make Me an Utterz Ambassador

May 23, 2008

I've been thinking long and hard about how or why I might make a good Utterz ambassador. I considered the feedback that I provide on a daily weekly basis already. I considered the way that I test the system on a regular basis putting Utterz through its paces with a dozen or so blogs. I considered all the time and effort I've put into a tool that makes me a lot of money, and how I'd like to share that wisdom with other people.

Then, I took the cayak out today to clear my head a bit and get focused. I thought back to the early days when I first discovered Utterz. That brought up memories of some of the hard work and almost painful situations that the Utterz team has endured to bring this great tool to all of us.

I specifically remember one incident where Sim dressed up in a Bessie suit at the BlogWorld convention. The poor guy had women coming up to him all day and all night pulling on his Utterz and making the most embarrassing jokes and he good heartedly played right along despite a blush here and there.

But then things got Ugly. Several of us took Sim out and literally set him loose among the wolves, or Coyotes I should say. We turned him loose in a meat market dressed like a cow and these very Ugly Coyote women circled him in packs and pounced upon him numerous times as you can see in this picture.

They literally tore into poor Sim, who probably stands a meager 6' 8" to their 5' 8". He may have out weighed them by a hundred pounds as well, but when you have a pack of Coyotes working in tandem to take down a cow, or at least a nice guy in a cow suite, the poor cow always looses.

And on this particular evening one of our favorite cows, dressed as Bessie and named Sim lost. They ripped the cow skin right off of him. It wasn't enough to strip him down in the meat market like he was just so much meat himself, but then those heartless Coyote's proceeded to drape his Bessie Skin on themselves and dance, and whoop and Holler having a good laugh with everyone in the meat market at Sims expense.

I look back on that time, and would like to take the moment back and spare Sim the pain, but I can't do that.

What I can do is offer myself in Sim's place dressed in a cow suit at Coyote Ugly this year with Coyote Ugly girls pulling on my Utterz, ripping my clothes off and maybe much worse. I could be the Utterz Ambassador to Coyote Ugly in Las Vegas this year. I would do that for Utterz and for Sim and for the community in general so that we can all benefit from Utterz continued success and growth.

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