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Attorney Falsely accused of having Sex with Inmate - Victim of Identity Theft

Dec 22, 2006

We often times hear about victims of identity theft that have their credit ruined or their bank accounts depleted or a number of other things typically related to finance.

So its some what bizarre to hear about Annapolis attorney Amanda Sprehn, who apparently was the victim of identity theft. 

Police recently charged Tiffany Gwen Weaver with seven counts related to an event where she stole Sprehn's identity, forged a pass into a prison, and went into the prison and attempted to have sex in front of video monitors with an inmate.

Sprehn did not learn of the theft until she received a letter from the prison indicating that her security pass had been canceled due to the incident.  Prison officials later learned that it was not actually Sprehn that they had observed on tape and stopped from completing the act.

The whole thing sounds like a plot for a sequel to Single White Female.

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