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Exodus Progress Day 8

Dec 13, 2006

Well I start out day 8 of Exoduss3000 (still getting paid to play ;) with 580 MD (Martian dollars) in my pocket and I can see that I wasn't attacked last night so that's a good thing.  Maybe my defense build up and other areas of build up are paying off.

By the end of the day today, I will have made 2297 moves and I've joined 52 settlements so far.  My scouting missions are successful about 60% of the time, so either that or my weapons will be my next area of build up I think.  Today I'm heading South West.  I went northwest yesterday and had a poor and boring day.

I typically gamble once per game and today, I tried attacking a settlement  even though my intelligence had failed, which should have told me something.  I lost 94 MD, so that kind of sucked, but it made me realize that I'm advancing to the point where I should move out of this experimental phase and look at myself more as an intermediate player and less of a newbie.

So feeling a little down for the dumb move I went through about a hundred moves and then struck it rich winning 128 MD in a ruin.  I wish I hadn't lost the 94, but at least I had some good luck today too!

All in all I had a good game today, it took aobut 9 minutes to play.  I earned about 750 MD and that's net after the 94 I lost, so that's a pretty good day really.  I picked up a new upgrade too.

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