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Clooney Laughs it Up with Lauer over Loopy Devito

Dec 1, 2006

After Danny Devito went off on a alcohol induced rant about the president shocking the country by not using racial epithets of hate as sooo many other high profile hollywood stars and comedians have been prone to do, George Clooney confirmed during an interview with Matt Lauer that they had enjoyed a late night of drinking together.

Clooney pretty much confirmed what everyone already knew, his friends are too cool to be racists even when they are drunk, thus setting Clooney up to win the Sexiest man Alive award yet again next year. 

There was no comment from Mel Gibson, who apparently wasn't that cool but who was the first person to garnish People's Sexiest Man Alive award when he was 29 back in 1985.

George Clooney has since won the award twice, once in 1997 at age 36 and most recently this year in 2006 at age 45.  Brad Pitt had won the award twice, his second time being at age 36 back in 2000.

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