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PPP v TechCrunch v RockStartUp

Dec 3, 2006

Here they all go again, duking it out over internet marketing ethics.  Michael Arrington is taking it to PPP and PPP is using the attack to gain more attention.

PayPerPost recently launched their new website and reality show on

And of Course soon after Michael Arrington from TechCrunch has seized the opportunity to attack PPP for the effort and PPP has run through another cycle of turning the negative publicity into a gorilla marketing coup. 

It all seems like a classic case of "With Enemies like that, who needs Friends?"  :)

I only wish I was as fortunate enough to have people attacking me like that.  For me when the attacks I receive are the sort where sinister people phone you in the middle of the night from half way around the world to threaten the lives of your children.  Mr. Arrington wouldn't know a truly ethically challenged company unless it hit him in the face with a Chinese Carp.

After the Wall Street Journal article on Mr. Arrington his complaints ring hollow these days, which is unfortunate as he does have a valuable message.  At the end of the day however an idealist making a stink about ethics is not going to influence the Web 2.0 Marketing industry.  The industry will only be influenced by its customers and the dollars they do or do not spend.

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