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Exodus 3000 Day 5 - am I losing count

Dec 11, 2006

Well I start day 5 of Exodus3000 (the game that pays you money for playing - basically they give their game players a share of the advertising money at the end of the month based on how much you have accumulated and want to cash in) and happy me, I picked up a referral and earned 50 extra moves.  I didn't know that was possible.  :)

Overnight, I've apparently had 2 attacks on me of which 1 was successful.  I didn't lose much money just a few bucks.

I'm starting the day out with 300 moves, weapons at 4 and we'll see what happens next.

then right in the middle of my game play (this is at about 3am A strange car pulls up in front of my house, loud muffler.  I go to the window to check it out, the last loud muffler car that pulled up this time of night was a stolen car so we don't take this stuff lightly.

I call 911, its 3am and the police chastised us for not calling fast enough last time.  They get my info and say they will send an officer out.

I head downstairs, the only place where I have any visibility on the car.  Can't quite make it out through the bushes, but its white.

I stand in the garage shivering, its in the 20's outside.  Then I see two people walking back to the car.  I phone 911 again and say they are leaving,  The car drives away and its a chopped down BMW or Honda or something(still looking through he bushes and trees might even be a Mitsubishi had the lights) or something with a loud muffler.  Likely kids I tell the cops and they ask do you want someone to come out, and I say do you have anyone close already, they aren't likely to be up to any thing good.

They say they will send someone, and I'm thinking why didn't they earlier.

So I go back inside and continue playing the game.  The whole time, I'm hearing loud mufflers driving all around the sub division now like these guys are driving around in circles up and down the streets.

I end the game with 290MD after making a defense upgrade.  I had one failed attack where I gambled and lost 24 bucks, but my success rate is 78 out of 87.

If you want to try this game out, it is free no weird sign ups or anything.  Its a nice diversion and when people aren't dropping stolen cars off around your house it doesn't take long to finish a round. 

Next I need to improve my scouts and then my security or weapons again.

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