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Marty The Elusive Chocolate Bassador

Dec 17, 2006

Here's a quick picture of Marty.  he's about 7 months old and apparently a chocolate bassador.

Marty the Pup chocolate Bassador

If anyone happens to know of anyone offering puppy bassador's for adoption in the NorthEastern section of Atlanta, preferably Gwinnett County or somewhere Northeast on I85, please let me know.

I need to make sure that my wife has a Merry Christmas!

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Hello, I totally slipped and fell on this website. We have 8 GORGEOUS BLACK and Black with White markings. We are not from Atlanta but will ship the puppy to you if needed. They are just now 13 days old and will be ready to go around November 3rd. They ARE SOOOOO ADORABLEEEE!!! If you would like photos please email me at

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