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There's Something About Tummy Honey

Dec 27, 2006

Call me naive but I never heard about the concept of stretch marks until I joined the army.  As a guy, the topic had just never come up.

Then I met some dude, that was an ex-body builder and he was complaining about all the weight he had lost going into the army and how he had stretch marks.  I just smiled and nodded, didn't look, didn't ask and thought it was peculiar of him to tell.

It wasn't until about 8 years later that I figured out what they were after my wife had our first child.  She took some precautions to prevent stretch marks but still gained a few.

These days the topic is much more public and many natural remedies and preventative aids are available mostly pushed towards expectant mothers as opposed to body builders entering the military, but that won't stop even a guy if it works!

Mother's Intuition offers some excellent information and products on stretch marks.  They offer Tummy Honey to prevent stretch marks and Stretch Out to fade existing stretch marks.

At the end of the day we are talking about dermatology, but a little preventive care can go a long long way in helping people that have the foresight to know they are going to put on weight and will decrease in size later.  For those that don't know, then there are some after the fact solutions as well.

This article brought to you by our Sponsor, Mother's Intuition.


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