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Chinese Airlines Offer No Pee Frils flights

Dec 1, 2006

The price of oil is really hitting hard in China where a Chinese airline is working to stop patrons from using the facillities while in the air.

It seems that the logistics department of the airline did their math and determined that the energy used during a single toilet flush could power a car to travel 10 kilometers (third of a gallon of gas to the rest of us).

So they are pushing to have everyone empty their tanks before boarding and decreasing the amount of fluid they carry (reduced weight, reduced amount fuel consumed).

Basically, they are asking their customers to just hold it.

Of course, they failed to consider that they might save fuel, if they expelled the funny blue water while in the air so that they didn't have to carry all that extra weight in the planes water tanks and in their passengers water tanks (aka bladders) either.

They have also decided to stop carrying pillows and blankets as the added weight from these heat system savings devices also burns too much fuel.  So maybe the patrons of Chinese airlines will not only have to hold it, but will have to hug each other and shiver together with their legs crossed.

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