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Exodus 3000 Day 4 - automatically move back to Homestead

Dec 10, 2006

I spent another Martian Day playing Exodus 3000, actual time spent about 8 minutes my computer was going slow.  Its not a highly graphical game, just something with my wireless router getting old maybe.

Its such a simple game, but I am getting into it.  Its definitely a nice diversion from blogging and other work. 

I picked up a light sabre at a cost of 525 martian dollars

with 26 moves left I got my earnings back up to just over 325 so that I could by more security (plasma cannon) to defend off enemy scouts.

I was attacked overnight twice, lost once and lost 12 martian dollars.

Then with one move left and now an accumulation of 375 martian dollars, I clicked and hit an outpost, where I could afford to buy the Plasma Cannon for 325.

Part of my strategy is to end the game each day with as little money as possible so that the money can not be taken from me during attacks overnight.  Plus, I invest the money in items that can earn me more or capture me more or protect me more.

Stats Changes

  • Total Attacks: 56
  • Successful Attacks: 48
  • Mars Dollars from attacks: 280
  • Lost during attacks: 47
  • Lost during attacks on me: 12
  • Gained during attacks on me: 2
  • total moves used: 1247

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