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Credit Cards and the Holidays

Dec 20, 2006

This time of year many people have a happy stressful holiday as they rack up credit card debt to give the temporary gift of cheer to a loved one.

To often those gifts are not needed and rapidly tossed out, but the credit card debt becomes the gift that keeps on giving, to the credit card companies.  More and more people are waking up to the problems of credit card debt and its potential for abuse.

Many people have the wisdom not to take a credit card out on a shopping binge and max it out in one fantastic spree.  However, many more of us lack the wisdom to keep from slowly running that same card up to its limit over a couple dozen months, dropping a thousand dollars a year on Christmas here, a thousand on home improvements there, a thousand on clothes over two years, a thousand on emergency car repairs, and $200 a month on fuel and eating out adds up to $4,800 over the course of two years, for a grand total of $9,800 and all of a sudden the card is $200 away from a $10k limit!

We may not be binge shoppers in one go, but we are binging throughout the year, not swallowing the whale hole, but one bite at a time.

The issue is becoming a world wide problem as credit card usage spreads around the world.  Consumers can find advice on the subject in most countries these days from Canada, to the US to sites on credit cards UK.

Its not hard to find credt card news or in the news and is becoming easier to find credit card advice but the information is out there.

The question becomes "Do you have the will power to learn and act on your new found wisdom?"

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