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Cash Advances and Debt Management

Dec 9, 2006

The holidays often stir people to spend more than they can afford.  Its a common syndrome in the US, sometimes referred to as affluenza.  Some people might even call it keeping up with the Jones'. 

The reality is that many Americans are having a tough time managing their debt.  They are borrowing to spend the money on stuff and not borrowing to grow or improve their lives through investment, or business development or many other items.

There are many ways that people can effectively borrow money, but first we all have to consider:

  1. What do I need this money for?
  2. Can I afford to pay the debt on this money?
  3. Am I buying stuff or am I investing in my future and the growth of my family or business?
  4. Am I getting a good deal on this loan?
  5. Is the interest rate competitive?
  6. Are there any hidden payment terms or terms that do not make sense?
  7. How many weeks, months or years will I have to pay this loan?
  8. What will the total amount of interest add up to when paid and how long will I have to work to earn enough money to pay that interest?
  9. What can I do to pay the loan off faster?
  10. Should I refinance or reorganize my other existing debt before making a move?

All of these questions are important to consider.  It is very easy to find good loan services in your area even.  As an example offers a no fax cash advance option and many more.  Plus they have some great services to find lenders, Credit and Debt Management companies and much more, plus a number of credit tools to help you analyze your personal finance situation.

Looking at my own area here in Atlanta I can identify up to fifteen different organizations that can help, including as an example the number for the local Salvation Army.  Before stopping here I did not even know that they had Debt Management services.

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I’ve recently (this week) launched a free website and forum where people can discuss debt and debt problems.

Feel free to pay it a visit. Thanks.

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