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Leaving 4 Las Vegas

Dec 27, 2006

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Well I am not moving to Las Vegas yet, but looking at preparations for a trip there in two weeks.  Each time I go I think it would be an interesting place to live.

Las Vegas has some of the most conducive laws to protecting business interests and saving money on taxes compared to almost any other state in the US.  Plus, its a fun city.

It is not for everyone and that is a good reason for a person to consider renting there for a short time before you make the full decision to make a permanent move.  Test the waters, learn the real estate market and then make your play as opposed to packing and moving and buying right from go.

If you know the town and you are ready you can find real estate information from listings to rental information at MLS Las Vegas. provides a wide range of information and data to help make your search easier and get you up to speed with Las Vegas and its real estate market quickly. There may be good investment opportunities to be made in Vegas, but you do not want to waste your time or money in a long drawn out shopping search. Get it done ahead of time as much as possible!

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I have lived in Las Vegas area for several years and yes it is conducive to small business...much more than other states, especially CA.

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