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Thanksgiving Story by Son of Harry

Dec 20, 2006


One Thanksgiving I was asleep.

My mom said "get up".

I got up and asked her "why"?

"Beause it is Thanksgiving!" she said. "It's the time of year when hunters come and eat you". "Remember".

"Oh yeah" I said. I heard a gun shot.

"Shhh" my mom said.

We heard footsteps.

"Crack crack crck crack".

I thought the hunter left. "Few" I said.

"Shhh remember what happened to dad" said mom.

"Oh yeah he died".

"Shhhh". she said again.

I shivered.


We saw a turkey slide toward the hunter.

"Gurrrr", my tummy growled. "I'm hungry" I said.

My mom said, "I guess the hunter is gone," and my Mom went outside.


I shivered. Then I peeked outside. I saw my mom laying on the ground dead.

"Oh no" I said. "Are you o.k."?

She did'nt respond.


I turned arond. The hunter was still there.

"BUGOCK!" I said.

I flew up in the hunters hair.

"AAAAAAAA" the hunter screamed like a girl.

I grabbed the hunter's hair and flew up.


Then the hunter ran awaway leaving my mom and the other turkey. Then I went inside sadly and went to sleep.

The End.

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2 Gabbles(comments):

Son of Harry has a great future in writing! Wonderful story!

You've been tagged! Since we've been sharing some of the same threads in the PPP forums, I'd like to get to know you better. Tell us five things we don't know about Harry, then tag five more!

skeet said...
6:47 PM  

Harry, you have been tagged. You must put up 5 things that we do not know about you and then tag 5 other people. See my tag post at I Got Tagged and then post your own. Welcome to being a Postie. Oh man you've already been tagged. Oh well I was double tagged too.

Drew said...
7:32 AM  

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